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Jackson  oil on canvas (11 x 14″)

This is Jackson. I had the pleasure this month to complete a commissioned oil portrait of him. Jackson is a nine year old Golden Retriever. We had the good fortune to live next door to him as well as his masters Lynn and Roger in South Beach. He has been a constant companion for Lynn from the time he was adopted at 3 months.  Jackson has walked a minimum of 3 miles every day of his life and has the inimitable talent of being able to chase down and hold in his mouth any number of balls and Frisbees simultaneously, ideally on his long walks on the beach, rain or shine. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed in August 2011 with osteosarcoma (bone cancer) originating from his left back leg and had to have his leg removed.  His diagnosis means he has less than 1 year more of life. Nevertheless, true to his irrepressible spirit, Jackson continues to walk and, amazingly, run every day and still fetches his balls and Frisbees from a heart of gold.  He will be missed by all who have known him and his good natured enthusiasm. Until then the Lynn and Roger are enjoying what time they have left with him. What a gift Jackson has been to all who have known him. In spite of all his circumstances, he has a great attitude of boundless proportions   that ALL of us would do well to emulate.


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